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Data Science for Chemistry

Course Information

This course is built for BSc of Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). In this course, the students learn the basics of julia language programming. Additionally, they will learn how to explore multi-dimensional data (e.g. LC-MS or DOSI-IR data) from simple visualization to curve fitting. The course contains 11 lectures with dedicated pages in the documentation. In future more topics will be added to the package and thus the documentation. This package utilizes a wide range of other packages developed by others, as this is meant to facilitate the introduction of the students to programming and data science. The package is based on julia language.

This course is coordinated by Dr. Samanipour and consists of 11 lectures and tutorials and will take place during the first period (i.e. September-October). For additional information, please get in touch via s.samanipour@uva.nl

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